will this replace my mini gas stove?

Trangia Triangle lightweight stove

I bought this Trangia triangle spirit burning stove

In a bid to save weight and pack size when bikepacking.

trangia triangle stove, hiking, review, bikepacking, spirit stove,
trangia triangle stove, hiking, review, bikepacking, spirit stove,
trangia triangle stove, hiking, review, bikepacking, spirit stove,

I have been using gas stoves for years when hiking and bikepacking and in most circumstances have had no real issues. When I know the weather is forecast to be very cold I bring out the faithful MSR petrol beast.

Although recently on a few bikepacking trips I have packed my gravel bike super light and every cubic inch of space is important. I keep wandering about a smaller yet still reliable stove and often found myself looking at this offering from Trangia. After a few near purchases I finally decided to bite the bullet and held my fingers crossed this would fit the situations I required it for.

First impressions

Pack size is impressive with the four components that make up the sides and burner holder all fitting nicely in a sturdy pouch. There is even enough room to pack away the burner and a lighter within the same pouch.

My first attempt to put the burner together was laughable with bits flying everywhere. Soon it became apparent that the best way was to connect the three sides together and then slide the burner ring into place last.

Could this be what I am looking for?

I have been using this all over Wales on hiking and family outings to try and make sure I am completely happy with it before solely relying on it for a remote bikepacking trip. So far I am pretty pleased with it, it quickly boils water or heats food and the flame seems pretty well protected from the winds. It is easy to add fuel to the burner and its a doddle to light (just remember a lighter or fire stick) I have noticed it burns through the fuel a little quicker in strong winds but I have been carrying plenty of additional fuel with me each time.

The one thing that has caught me out is I can not use my titanium 650ml mug directly on this stove as it’s too wide. It’s actually too wide for any of my small light weight gear which is a pain. All my other gas or petrol stoves seem to cater for a wider range of pot sizes but this will not take anything safely that is under a 13cm diameter.

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